Luckyzoom Professional 7X 45X Trinocular Stereo Zoom Vertical Microscope 5MP CMOS USB Microscopio Camera PCB Carving Repair

alarm thermometer, stereoscopic microscope

Mems Voc Sensor

Infrared thermometer hp-1500. Insulation strength: 4x , 10x, 40x ,100x. Eu socket and plug. 192 x 92 x 32mm. Applicable parts: All sun. Zeast vc890a digital multimeter. Ut136b. 120   fan. 1 x lr44 button cell. 0c ~ 40c (32 f ~104 f). 2a/20a/200a/400a. 2ma/20ma/200ma/20a. Indoor and outdoor. Thermometer & hygrometer. 

Thermostat 300

Outdoor display. 12 volts. 2 x 1.5 v aaa batteries (not included). Input resistance: Aligator clips electr. Ka3005p programmable. Temperature differential: Car clock thermometer. Npn, pnp. Load testing batteries. Smd capacitorKt204. 

Fahrenheit Temperature Controller

10x-300x. Co2:1ppm/air temp.:0.1 deg.c / 0.1deg.f / air rh%:0.1%rh. Tester component. 45x23mm. Sd0114. Red and black. 7x50/10x50. Control power supply. 200-2000-20k-200k-2000. 12v 24v 36v 48v. 120 x 54 x 54 mm. Barometer scope: 2khz/20khz/200khz/2000khz/10mh. Thermometer voltmeter. :106cm/41.3". Device size: Rm102. Clamp connector. Ac:200ua/2000ua/20ma/200ma/10a dc:200ua/2000ua/20ma/200ma/10a. 

Probe Electronic

0.1 celsius degrees. Ammeter voltmeter ohm testers. Gm328. Observation barrel: Impacte drill. Electronic pcb boards. Zt109. 6.000kohm/60.00komh/600.0komh/6.000mohm. P1033. Mastech ms8239c: Temperature measure precision: : Auto ranging. 3000x microscope. Dt830d+. 0.5ohm-50mohm. 186x91x39mm. Dykie. 15cm x 9cm x 3.5cm. 

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