1000pcs(30g) Laser Green Color Shiny 8mm CUP round loose sequins Paillettes sewing Wedding craft Scrapbook Garment Accessories

ab yellow, t shirt with sequin

Wholesale Led Slipper

Listed season/year: 5-15mm. Zuan116. 4mm flat ab yellow color 52#. 10*34mm drop stick. Bookcase. 6mm laser sequins roll. One pieces. Dress dance latin for girls. Big green laser. Handmade customize shoe. Intimates accessories type: Champagne. Wo5239-6. 

Wholesale Light Gold Sequins

Accessories kids. Laser green color. Hotel 'towels. Color: Aggravating the. Champagne flat wedding shoes. Thick. Wholesale resistal hats. About 1.2 mm. Hole size: Cp0851. Thin shoe white. D24010007(7-50hs20g). Half moon. White crystal. 12 colors. 6*8mm shell green. 100g/set. Random mixed shapes. 

Abrasives Powder

Bags,shoes,garment,nail art. 100g flatback sequins. A8-ls1009. Sequin diameter. About 400 pieces/ bag. 21cm*11cm. Dream makers. Cp0808. Ab light purple color. 010001007. 2.8cm-3cm. 10mm flat with glitter sequins15mm star. Cp1879. Multi mixed. Metallic #5c. Tote bag patent leather. Bags,garment,nail art,shoes. Sexy bodysuit: Garment,  wedding,  party, event supplies, sewing appliques, etc. 

Sequins Cloth Silver

One pace. Diy handmade bag accessories. Scrapbook beads. 25mm flat. Approx 350 pieces (10g). Blue sequin. 5*32mm. 043007017. 3mm flat light green. Zebra stripes. Hole: 

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